Private Practice Consultation

I provide consultation to therapists and other healing professionals who are looking to create or envision a private practice that is nurturing and sustaining for themselves. You may have learned to put others’ needs before your own. You may have been taught that providing free or low-cost services is the only way to serve your community or that there is no money to be made in the counseling field. This may have led to burnout, health concerns, financial stress, and self-doubt that you are cut out for this work.


I want to help you create a private practice that is client-centered and clinician first. You do not have to sacrifice yourself to serve the people that you want to work with, pay back student loans, provide for a family, save for retirement, take vacations regularly, and care for yourself so that you can show up fully for your clients. I believe it is possible to love your private practice, serve the people you have been called to serve, and not burn yourself out in the process. I am ready to share everything I’ve learned as I’ve grown my successful private practice in Aurora. Schedule a time with me to start building your ideal practice!

Consulting fee: $200.00 for a 60-minute meeting and continuing support.

Reach out to Rebecca today for support in growing your practice.