Individual Therapy Services

Counseling is talk therapy. The goal of therapy is to assist individuals in accepting and overcoming fears that are inherent in being human. Some examples we discuss include freedom, responsibility, isolation, meaning, and purpose.  As a therapist, I will help you evaluate your experience in four dimensions of existence; physical, social, spiritual, and psychological. Through these dimensions, we can explore your individual life. In counseling, I will help you live more authentically and be less concerned with superficiality or living with other's expectations.  I focus the therapy on each individual’s uniqueness as well as how your choices shape your life. I will help guide you on your journey to self-understanding and self-acceptance. In therapy, you are empowered to take responsibility for your choices and the course of your life. Every person is individual so I structure therapy for your uniqueness. As your therapist, I will actively encourage you to use your capacity to make choices and to develop your being as a way to maximize your existence, or your reason for living.

Therapy encourages individuals to:

  • Evaluate their values, beliefs, and situation.
  • Acknowledge their limitations as well as the possibilities for their lives.
  • Find meaning and purpose in their lives.
  • Develop more effective ways of communicating.
  • Develop self-awareness.
  • Each person has a unique identity that can be known only through relationships with others.
  • People must continually re-create themselves because life’s meaning constantly changes.
  • Anxiety is part of the human condition and how to manage it.

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